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Blackford NAC Top 10 List

The Top Ten Priority Actions are a list of 10 specific actions that were prioritized by the community for early implementation due to their particular importance to the community, and their high potential for bringing about positive change in the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Improvement Plan Amendment (Approved 2007)

  1. Conduct Street and Sidewalk Improvements
  2. Implement a Phased Street Tree Planting Plan and Replacement Program
  3. Create Community Identity/Entry Improvements
  4. Improve Community Recreational Facilities
  5. Implement Crime and Public Safety Programs and Improvements
  6. Conduct Traffic Calming Studies and Implement Traffic Calming Improvements
  7. Implement Neighborhood Beautification Improvements
  8. Increase Code Enforcement
  9. Increase Community Outreach
  10. Finalize Rehabilitation Projects at the Colonial Gardens and Underwood Apartments

Original Strategic Action Plan (2002)

  1. Enhance public lighting levels (including lights on private property that help illuminate public areas) as needed throughout the community.
  2. Ensure access for youth and teens to recreational facilities within the Service Area Public Art Project.
  3. Develop and implement a strategy for improving appearance, site design, business mix and pedestrian access at the Maple Leaf Shopping Center.
  4. Improve appearance, level of maintenance and parking issues at the convenience center at Williams Road and Boynton Avenue
  5. With the cooperation of willing property owners, create a street tree planting plan and a phased planting and replacement program.
  6. Conduct traffic calming studies and develop traffic calming strategies focused on three primary areas: Boynton from Moorpark to Payne; Barrymore/Flora; and the neighborhood between Williams Road and Moreland Discovery School.
  7. Create new community garden plots and a dog park through join-use agreements for use of open space owned by non-City agencies and organizations, as possible.
  8. Develop and implement a strategy for improving the appearance of buildings, and the quality of landscaping, open space, and parking at the Colonial Gardens Apts.
  9. Assess and resolve any potential storm drain issues in the following areas: Colonial Gardens alleys (Waterbury Court, Bridgeport Ct, Cape Cod Ct); Flora Ave; Barrymore Dr; Williams Road/Boynton Ave; Hibiscus Dr; Demille Dr; Teal Ave; Rosalia Avenue; Keltner Avenue; and Maple Leaf parking lots.
  10. Develop and implement an improvement strategy for the Underwood Apartments